U-Boat Italo Fontana Black PVD

gm475 product number

U-Boat Italo Fontana Black PVD

gm475 product number

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  • Guarantee of authenticity
  • Guaranteed functioning
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Additional information


Chronograph with Automatic Movement


Black dial


Stainless Steel Case – PVD black coated


Sapphire Glas (factory original)


Genuine Crown (signed)

Date display

Date function


50 mm diameter (w/o crown)

CaliberETA 7750
Reference number ref U-7750 7750

Hand-crafted, Italian, Vintage Leather Strap (retail price 70 Euro)


Splash Water Resistant (handwashing ok, not showering)


The still FACTORY ORIGINAL (non-refurbished) dial is in PERFECT condition. The crystal is in immaculate, scratch-free, condition. The case has some signs of wear. Please consider the pictures as well as the age of the watch. 


The diameter of the watch is 50mm without the crown, and 53m with crown.

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How I can be assured that the watches I’am buying are authentic?

With constantly over 400 models on stock, Vintage Portfolio has become one of the leading vintage watch dealerships in Central Europe. All of our models are examined by our vintage watchmaker team and confirmed as authentic. We offer a lifetime money-back warranty on authenticity, meaning that you will receive a full refund of your money in case we have made a mistake.
We try to keep vintage models as close to their original factory condition as possible. Secondary watch parts (such as dials, hands, crown and glass) may have been restored, replaced or freshly reproduced with attention to detail by our watchmaker team as needed. That being said, please read the condition report in the listings for these specifications of each watch.

Are your watches working well and keeping time?

Our watches are fully inspected, cleaned, serviced and calibrated by our vintage watchmakers. They are sold with a six month warranty on proper functioning, unless otherwise stated in the description (the condition report) of each listing.

How long does it take you to make the watch ready for shipment?

It usually takes us one working day to take the watch to the postal service, as we need to get it out of our bank vault, do a final check on proper function, pack it carefully and send it out. A tracking link will be sent to you via email so that you can follow the shipment.

What will i receive along with my purchase?

- The watch itself (as visible on the pictures, described in the listing)
- an official company invoice (on which our warranties are stated)
- a Vintage Portfolio User Manual to your watch (please read it)
- and a Vintage Portfolio Watch Box. (These watch travel boxes are great to take two of your watches with you while travelling - so you can switch watches even while being abroad.)

What happens if I have a problem with a watch?

Contact us via email, describe your issue and we will help as soon as possible and to the best of our abilities. Until now, we never left a customer behind and have no intention in changing this attitude in future. (Before you get in tough please dont forget to actually read the english “single page” user manual for your watch which will be inside the parcel, right beside the company invoice. Most questions will be already answered this way.)

From where do you buy your watches?

We acquire watches mainly from collectors that built up a collection throughout their life and at some point decide to sell their watches, for instance, if their children don't pay attention to watches. Our trade margins are small as we operate as an online shop so we can pay well for good collections.

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Guarantees & Buyer Protection

  • Guarantee of authenticity

    All of our watches have been checked by a certified watchmaker for authenticity and are of course genuine. They are sold with a lifetime money-back guarantee of authenticity. This warranty is stated on the invoice you will receive along with each purchase.

  • Guaranteed functioning

    All of our watches are regularly inspected for accuracy and suitability for daily use. They are serviced by our watchmakers as needed. They are sold ready-to-wear with a warranty of six months on their proper functioning.

  • Easy money-back returns

    We don’t want you to have a watch that you don’t love. If you are not satisfied with your order after you receive it, you can return the watch to us for a full refund of your purchase price. Quickly and Easily.

  • Purchase by invoice

    With each order, you will receive a proper company invoice. Our guarantee of authenticity and guarantee on proper functioning are explicitly stated in this invoice.

  • Certified dealer

    Vintage Portfolio is certified as a trusted seller by chrono24, the world’s biggest online marketplace for watches. That means that we sell only authentic, high-quality watches and you are completely secure buying from us.

    Chrono24 Trusted Seller

  • Secure payment & insured shipping worldwide

    We are liable for every transaction and, in addition to maximum data security, offer only secure payment methods and fully insured express delivery.

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  • U-Boat Italo Fontana Black PVD
  • uhr
  • U-boat
  • ref U-7750 7750
  • handaufzug
  • stahl
  • Herrenuhr/Unisex
  • 1200
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  • sofort Verfügbar
  • Nur Uhr
  • 50 mm
  • ETA 7750
  • Deutschland
  • Vienna / Austria/ Europe
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  • ### V I N T A G E P O R T F O L I O ###
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    We constantly list over 400 different Vintage Watches! Make sure to visit our homepage to take a glimpse at all of our models.




    U-Boat Italo Fontana Black PVD


    General Information
    - In reality, our watches are much more beautiful than displayed on the pictures. Please also visit our website for better full-screen pictures of all of our watches.
    - GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY: All of our watches are (of course) genuine and sold with a liftetime money-back warranty on their authenticity. This warranty is also stated explicitly on the invoice you will receive along with each purchase.
    - GUARANTEE OF FUNCTIONALITY: All of our watches are checked regularly for function, time deviation as well as “suitability for daily use”. They are serviced by our watchmaker, as needed. They are sold “ready to wear” with a six months of warranty on their proper function. (Excluding damages due to water or rough force. Please also consider the condition report in the description of each watch.)
    - INVOICE: You will receive a proper company invoice along with each order. Both of the above gurantees will be explicitly stated on this invoice.
    - INSURED SHIPPING: All orders are sent tracked as well as fully insured. We have contracts with the fastest and most reliable (worldwide) shipping providers and never lost a parcel so far.
    - PRICE DISCOUNTS: When purchasing multiple watches we can offer you an attractive packet price. Some of our customers decide to purchase multiple vintage models at once for long term investment purposes.
    - FAIR TRANSACTION: Is important to us. We sell all of our watches in a condition and for a price that we would wish to receive if our positions were reversed, with us being our own customer. Please make sure to visit our "Customer Feedbacks" and "FAQ" section, on the very top of our company website.

    - Chronograph with Automatic Movement
    - Black dial
    - Stainless Steel Case – PVD black coated
    - Sapphire Glas (factory original)
    - Date function
    - Genuine Crown (signed)
    - 50 mm diameter (w/o crown)
    - Hand-crafted, Italian, Vintage Leather Strap (retail price 70 Euro)
    - Caliber: ETA 7750
    - Reference number: ref U-7750 7750
    - Watertightness: Splash Water Resistant (handwashing ok, not showering)

    - The still FACTORY ORIGINAL (non-refurbished) dial is in PERFECT condition.
    Outside: The crystal is in immaculate, scratch-free, condition. The case has some signs of wear. Please consider the pictures as well as the age of the watch.

    The diameter of the watch is 50mm without the crown, and 53m with crown.

    Price: 1200 Euro

    Shipping Charges (Tracked and insured shipping)
    - Within Europe: 40 Euro
    - World Wide: upon request (we have already shipped to the USA as well as New Zealand)

    - A fair sale is important to us. Please contact Maximilian for any further questions.
    - Make sure to visit our homepage to take a glimpse at all of our watches.
    - Maximilian can be reached at 0043 664 430 58 16 or just send us an email anytime. maximilian@vintage-portfolio.com


    ### V I N T A G E P O R T F O L I O ###
    Vintage Watches, now all in one place.


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    U-Boat Italo Fontana Schwarz PVD beschichtes Edelstahlgehäuse


    - "In Wirklichkeit" sind unsere Uhren noch um Vieles schöner als auf den Fotos. Bitte besuchen Sie auch unsere unternehmenseigene Webseite für Vollbild-Fotos der Uhren.
    - ECHTHEITSGARANTIE: Wir verkaufen ausnahmslos Original Uhren und geben eine lebenslange "Geld-Zurück" Echtheitsgarantie auf jede der von uns verkauften Uhren. Diese Garantie wird auch auf der von uns ausgestellten Firmenrechnung schriftlich ausgewiesen.
    - FUNKTIONSGARANTIE: All unsere Uhren werden regelmäßig auf Funktion, Ganggenauigkeit und "Vintage-Alltagstauglichkeit" geprüft und bei Bedarf von unserem Uhrmachermeister gewartet. Wir geben sechs Monate Garantie auf die tadellose Funktion tadellose Funktion einer jeden bei uns gekauften Uhr. (ausgenommen sind Wasser- und Fallschäden).
    - RECHNUNGSKAUF: Sie erhalten natürlich eine ordnungsgemäße Rechnung auf der die lebenslange Echtheitsgarantie und auch die oben beschriebene Funktionsgarantie vermerkt sind.
    - VERSICHERTER VERSAND: Voll versichert und mit Sendungsverfolgung. Wir haben Verträge mit den schnellsten und zuverlässigsten Versanddienstleistern und haben dadurch noch nie ein Paket verloren. (Alternativ können Sie, bei seriösem Kaufinteresse und nach Terminvereinbarung, Ihre Lieblingsmodelle in Wien gerne persönlich besichtigen.)
    - RABATTMÖGLICHKEIT: Beim Kauf mehrerer Uhren können wir Paketpreise anbieten. Es gibt Kunden die zum Inflationsschutz in Vintage Uhren veranlagen möchten und bei uns zu Investitionszwecken gleich mehrere Modelle mitnehmen.
    - FAIRER VERKAUF: Ist uns wichtig. Wir verkaufen unsere Uhren in einem Zustand und zu einem Preis den wir selbst gerne erhalten würden wenn wir unsere Positionen getauscht hätten - und wir dadurch selbst unsere eigenen Kunden wären. Bitte besuchen Sie auch unsere bisherigen "Käuferfeedbacks" und "FAQs", ganz oben auf unserer eigenen Firmenwebseite.

    - Chronograph mit Automatikwerk
    - Schwarzes Ziffernblatt
    - Edelstahlgehäuse (pvd beschichtet)
    - Saphirglas Original
    - Datumsanzeige vorhanden
    - Originalkrone (signiert)
    - 50 mm Durchmesser (ohne Krone)
    - Handgefertigtes, Italienisches Vintage Echtlederband (Händler Einkaufspreis: 70 Euro)
    - Kaliber: ETA 7750
    - Referenznummer: ref U-7750 7750
    - Wasserdichtheit: Spritzwasserfest (Hände Waschen Ok, kein Duschen)

    - Das unrestaurierte ORIGINALZIFFERNBLATT ist in PERFEKTEM Zustand.
    Aussen: Kratzfreies Glas. Das Gehäuse hat altersübliche Gebrauchsspuren, bitte beachten Sie die Fotos.

    Das Durchmesser beträgt 50mm ohne Krone (53 mit)

    Preis: 1200 Euro

    Versandkosten (Versichert und mit Sendungsverfolgung)
    - Wien: Selbstabholung möglich
    - Österreich: 10 Euro
    - Europa: 40 Euro
    - Weltweit: auf Anfrage (wir haben auch schon in die USA und nach Neuseeland versendet)

    - Ein fairer Verkauf ist uns wichtig. Weitere Fragen beantworten wir gerne.
    - Bitte besuchen Sie auch unsere Homepage um all unsere Uhren sehen zu können.
    - Sie können Maximilian gerne und jederzeit unter 0043 664 430 58 16 oder per Email erreichen. maximilian@vintage-portfolio.com


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