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Silvana Pocket Watch black dial breguet numbers Milan Stefanovich King Aleksander signed


– Handwinding Movement
– Stainless Steel Case
– 49 mm diameter (w/o crown)

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General Information
– In reality, our watches are much more beautiful than displayed on the photos !
– GUARANTEE OF AUTHENTICITY: All of our watches are genuine.
– GUARANTEE OF FUNCTIONALITY: All of our watches are checked regularly for fuction, time deviation as well as “suitability for daily use” and are serviced by our watchmaker, if needed. You receive 6 months of warranty (excluding damages due to water or rough force).
– INVOICE: Of course you receive a proper company invoice.
– INSURED SHIPPING: Tracked as well as insured. Woldwide.
– PRICE DISCOUNTS: When purchasing multiple watches we can offer you an attractive packet price.
– FAIR TRANSACTION: Is important to us. Please make sure to visit our “Customer Feedbacks” section, directly above this paragraph on the right-top side of your screen.

– Handwinding Movement
– black dial with breguet numerals
– Stainless Steel Case
– Factory original crown (they used unsigned ones for this model back then)
– 49 mm diameter (w/o crown)

Watch History
This historical talisman may be among the greatest watches in military history . It was produced for the Serbian Army Corps fighting in WWI and WWII. The Crest is the Personal symbol of King Aleksander I of the Eastern European Monarchy who orderd these watches hand them over to the soliders. Below it shows the retailer’s signature “Milan T. Stefanovich” and under that “Beograd” standing for Belgrade.

What we love about his watch
Even when leaving out the history of this model (which we dont recommend) and focus on the sole traits of the watch itsself our heart starts beating a little faster and excitement as well a special pride arises. The Oversized case in combination with the black chocolate dial as well as all special writings on that dial (being still clearly visible) make this watch simply amazing. You simply cant find any good reason not to constantly stare at this watch. Certainly you will feel the need for examining the unbelieveable patina or trying to the cryptic names (which everybody loves to decrypt) over and over again. Soemtimes you fall in love just as the cookie crumbles.

Outside: The still FACTORY ORIGINAL (non-refurbished) dial has patina matching its age. The glas is in perfect, scratch free, condition. The case has some signs of wear. Please consider the pictures as well as the age of the watch.
Inside: The crown moves smoothly . The watch starts running immediately and is keeping time well. The balance wheel oscillates vigorously and regularly. It has been regulated by our watchmaker.

Price: 8600 Euro

Shipping Charges (Tracked and insured shipping)
– Within Europe: 20 Euro
– World Wide: upon request (we have already shipped to the USA as well as New Zealand)

– A fair sale is important to us. Please contact Maximilian for any further questions.
– Maximilian can be reached at 0043 664 430 58 16 or just send us a “private message” or email anytime. vintage.portfolio at gmail dot com
– Make sure to visit our homepage www dot vintage-portfolio dot com to take a glimpse at all of our watches

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