Wonderful Heuer Leonidas Vintage Chronograph with Breguet numbers


– Chronograph Handwinding
– Stainless Steel Case
– aprox. 34 mm diameter (w/o crown)
– Years of Construction: 40ties

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– Chronograph Handwinding
– copper colored dial
– Stainless Steel Case
– aprox. 34 mm diameter (w/o crown)
– Natostrap: military olivgreen
– Years of Construction: 40ties
– Leonidas was the company Heuer was founded out of. (and then later became Tag Heuer)

– Outside: The still GENUINE, non-refurbished, dial is in PERFECT condition. The glas is in perfect, scratch free, condition. The case is in great condition.
– Inside: Last Service in 2015. The movement works well and is keeping time.

Price: 1250 Euro

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