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Vintage Portfolio has become on of the fastest growing privatly owned Online Vintage Watch Management Companies in Central Europe. We are looking to fill following positions to develop our business further. As a bootstrapped company based in Vienna, Austria, we can offer the freedom to set up your ideal remote working environment as well as flexible working hours. If you are the right candidate you can work from at home or while travelling the world or as a side job beside your university, or beside your 9to5 office job you are already bored of. We will also give you all room for personal and professional development, a motivated team and a thriving work culture.


Professional Online Marketer with proven knowledge and experience in Social Media Marketing


Our ideal candidate has a good understanding of Online Marketing, especially Social Media Marketing, and knows all the dynamics surrounding this field. He has a pragmatic approach to problem-solving, is ready, willing and able to spread content all over the world without fear. He is confident and skillful with all the marketing tool and programs needed and knows secret tactics to reach out to customers and get most value out of a marketing budget. He loves “daytrading attention” and Gary Vaynerchuck is someone he has already heard of. He loves to track his results and tries out multiple channels and comparing them in terms of efficiency against each other. And he loves to talk about this stuff – all the time. He is not afraid to be bold. He thoughtfully refects his actions but never regrets having tried out something promising.  He does not necessarily need to have a deep understanding of watches but it should be at least a topic he enjoys working with. Before he applied he invested 30 minutes to research our marketing efforts and knows already what to improve and is ready to start. It appears effortless to him as he does this naturally.

Please apply by showing and briefly describing your work history and in specific your experience in Online Marketing.

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or contact Maximilian at maximilian@vintage-portfolio.com

Junior Watch Blogger Assistant (part time, based in Europe or the US)


Our ideal candidate has a basic understanding of Vintage Watches and watch blogging. Ideally he is reading watch blogs all the time and already dreamed of starting his own but something was holding him back. Until now. “Hoodinkee” is something he visits daily. He will assist our Blogger team in researching and providing content for their articles and also craft some exciting content on his own as he grows into this topic. Ideally he knows how to edit articles in MS Word and as basic knowledge of photo editing.  For this position, the motivation to work yourself into this topic with passion and hunger is more important to us than the skillset you already have.

Please apply by telling us how you got into Vintage Watches and your positive and also maybe negative experience with them. How would you research a specific watch, for instance a Breitling Top Time and what can you find out about Valjoux 72 that excites you?

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or contact Maximilian at maximilian@vintage-portfolio.com

Vintage Watch Specialist (for crafting exciting watch desciptions) part time, based in Europe or the US


Our ideal candidate is a collector himself and has developed a deep understanding of vintage watches over the years of collecting and knows how to research and also describe all kinds of watches correctly. Ideally he is a senior member of the main watch communities and loves researching all kinds of watches and comparing them against each other. He dedicates his spare time already to this for the benefit of the community. He enjoys vivid discussions about topics like “is the crown factory original to the watch?” or “has the dial been touched?”. He also enjoys describing watches in wonderful wording that is enjoyable to read and knows all of their “nicknames” (sector dial, rail dial, naiad crown). He invests time patiently to get descriptions right instead of hacking them up quickly. Experience and deep love to this topic is most important to us. If you are afraid to apply because you feel a bit too elderly for an online business you are probably exactly the guy we are looking for.

Please apply by telling us how you got into Vintage Watches and your positive and also maybe negative experience with them. How did you research a specific watch and what problems did you face and how did you try to solve them? (I am sure, if you apply for this job, you have so much to tell us that you dont even know where to start.)

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or contact Maximilian at maximilian@vintage-portfolio.com