FAQ – Frequently asked questions

With constantly over 400 models on stock, Vintage Portfolio has become one of the leading vintage watch dealerships in Central Europe. All of our models are examined by our vintage watchmaker team and confirmed as authentic. We offer a lifetime money-back warranty on authenticity, meaning that you will receive a full refund of your money in case we have made a mistake.
We try to keep vintage models as close to their original factory condition as possible. Secondary watch parts (such as dials, hands, crown and glass) may have been restored, replaced or freshly reproduced with attention to detail by our watchmaker team as needed. That being said, please read the condition report in the listings for these specifications of each watch.

Our watches are fully inspected, cleaned, serviced and calibrated by our vintage watchmakers. They are sold with a six month warranty on proper functioning, unless otherwise stated in the description (the condition report) of each listing.

We accept returns if the item is not as described.

We accept reservations upon a down payment. Thereafter, the watch (screenshot of the wire transfer) is automatically reserved for you.

Shipping options are:
Within the EU
20 Euro: around 5-10 working days (tracked and insured, standard post office parcel)
70 Euro: 1-2 working days (Door-to-Door Courier Service, tracked and insured)
70 Euro: 3 working days (Door-to-Door Courier Service, fully tracked and insured)
If timely delivery is important, we recommend the 70 Euro Door-to-Door Courier Service, as it is more reliable than a regular post office parcel.

It is also possible to pick up watches in Vienna, Austria, of course.

It usually takes us one working day to take the watch to the postal service, as we need to get it out of our bank vault, do a final check on proper function, pack it carefully and send it out. A tracking link will be sent to you via email so that you can follow the shipment.

You can reach out to us (even on weekends) via email at maximilian@vintage-portfolio.com

If you have not received a reply within 24 hours please check your spam folder (sometimes emails get caught there) and reach out to us via phone at 0043 664 430 5816

Most customers pay through bank transfer (bank wire) by simply exchanging bank and address details. We also accept PayPal and most major credit cards (Visa, Master Card). You can also pay by cash in case you prefer picking up the watch in person.

– The watch itsself (as visible on the pictures, described in the listing)
– an official company invoice (on which our warranties are stated)
– a Vintage Portfolio User Manual to your watch (please read it)
– and a Vintage Portfolio Watch Box. (These watch travel boxes are great to take two of your watches with you while travelling – so you can switch watches even while being abroad.)

Upon request and with a scheduled appointment, watches can be viewed in person in downtown Vienna, Austria. All of our watches are kept in external bank vaults, outside of our office. For security reasons, we can show you only a few watches at the same time.

Please expect small discounts for single watch purchases. We offer significant discounts to customers that buy 5 to 20 pieces at once for investment purposes. We also have resellers as customers from Northern Europe (especially London) that buy their full stock from us because of the competitive price/value ratio we can offer as an online shop. (If even other dealers buy from you, that means that your prices are good.)

Our watch services are performed by professional watchmakers and involve cleaning and oiling of moving parts and replacement of parts that have suffered wear and tear. For a movement service we use only authentic replacement parts ordered from the manufacturer -for instance Omega – directly. Thereafter the watch is calibrated by our watchmaker to make sure it keeps time well for its future adventures.

The dial conditions of our watches are stated in the condition report for each listing. Our refurbished dials have been restored with good care using state-of-the-art reprinting and refurbishment techniques. In our opinion, a dial refurbishment usually increases the value of watches worth less than 2500 Euro, as the refurbishment costs invested (up to 500 Euros per dial) raise the overall value of the watch. For watches above 2500 Euro, the dial is usually seen as a piece of art beside all other watch parts and the dial condition is important, as the collectors’ market (not so much the mass market) pays a premium for collector-grade dials “untouched by human hands”. The mass market, in our opinion, prefers refurbished and completely patina-free dials, as they are more visually appealing and are more suitable for daily wear. Well refurbished dials are often also easier to resell than dials covered with (most often) an ugly patina, especially on the mass market. Patinas form from exposure to sunlight and changes in temperature and humidity over the lifetime of a watch. A well executed refurbished dial can save a watch from otherwise being butchered or discarded.

All of our watches are suitable for daily use. Wear them with confidence and pride!

Our vintage models are still water resistance so that you can walk through rain or wash your hands with confidence but not suited for water activities or activities where the watch is exposed to heavy wear and tear. The watch may even survive by luck, but its still not recommended. Particularly plexi glas models are not water proof in terms of showering, swimming or taking a bath. These models are only water resistant. Please note, that we cant offer any warranty on waterproofness, even if a water-pressure test is sold along with the watch as waterproofness is only a momentary state.

Contact us via email, describe your issue and we will help as soon as possible and to the best of our abilities. Until now, we never left a customer behind and have no intention in changing this attitude in future. (Before you get in tough please dont forget to actually read the english “single page” user manual for your watch which will be inside the parcel, right beside the company invoice. Most questions will be already answered this way.)

All of our watches are kept in external bank vaults, outside of our office. (We do not keep watches in our office and private homes.)

We have received over 350 customer feedbacks so far, through direct purchases, which can be viewed here:
and here are over hundred chrono24 reviews with an overall rating of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. We are listed there as a “Trusted Seller”.